Garcinia Cambogia Scam

ddsddEvery now and then, there are ads on TV and online that announce the newest and most effective miracle pill to losing weight. Unfortunately, marketing's purpose is to convince as many people as possible to buy a certain product but never really delivering on their promises. One of the most buzzed about natural weight loss products in the industry is garcinia cambogia extract – so is it another SCAM or is is actually LEGIT?

Garcinia cambogia extract was brought to popularity by Dr. Oz – the most famous doctor on TV today. Though he did not endorse any specific product, he demonstrated how this dietary supplement works to help you lose weight and keep the fat away even without exercise nor diet. Doctors and researchers were featured on the show, adding to the credibility of the extract's efficacy.

So if you're wondering whether garcinia cambogia is a scam – it's NOT! Garcinia cambogia's promises have been scientifically proven by actual doctors and scientists through clinical studies on overweight individuals.


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But why do people think garcinia cambogia is a scam?

Whenever you hear about the "newest breakthrough in weight loss" or "the miracle pill to weight loss," you are immediately skeptical. This is because you've heard it all before – "pop a pill and your fat will miraculously disappear overnight". Over the years there have been many, many weight loss products and diets that promise the masses that it is THE ANSWER to help you lose weight. Over thousands and thousands of products out there, not one has actually delivered on all of their promises.

With garcinia cambogia, it was already popular and a well-kept secret in the industry even before Dr. Oz featured it in his show. When the media started buzzing about it, many companies produced substandard products that were filled with binders and fillers. Though their products contained garcinia cambogia extract, the purity of the key ingredient – Hydroxycitric Acid was not enough to actually work. Companies took advantage of garcinia cambogia's popularity to cash in on the hype. This is the exact reason why many people are wary about garcinia cambogia.


So how do you know if a garcinia cambogia product is real or not?

There are certain things that you need to look for when you buy your garcinia cambogia supplements. Not all garcinia cambogia products are equal. You really have to check these factors to be able to choose a product that really works:

>Check whether the product is made in the USA. FDA checks on these manufacturers so look for the FDA or GNP label on the bottle.
>Make sure it says 50% or more PURE HCA on the bottle. Any less than 50% and you're sure the product is filled with binders and fillers. 30-40% HCA will NOT work.
>Check the dosage. For garcinia cambogia to work, you must take at least 1500mg to 3000mg every day.
>Make sure all ingredients listed are 100% ALL NATURAL. Garcinia cambogia extract is a natural dietary supplement – anything that's artificial may bring side effects.

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